In 1991 the Red Oak Baptist Church Family began honoring Black Retired Educators of the area during Black History Month. This celebration began with more than 100 honorees attending. The Rev. Horace Williams of Dallas and formerly of Longview was the guest speaker.

Over the years these celebrations continued with former students from area schools as guest speakers. Some of the speakers were Louis Armstrong III, Lonnie Murphy, Willis Johnson, Calvin Portley, Shirley Birdsong Benton, Shirley Washington McClain, The Rev. Reginald G. Garrett, Attorney Harrison Gregg, Darryl Bridges, Clifford E. Stewart, Attorney Terrence Allison, Dr. Judy G. Traylor, Maricia Cooper Johns, Dr. John R. Williams and Clemogene Garrett Wilson.

Deacon Charles R. Newhouse has been the coordinator and constantly talk about the importance of recognizing and honoring teachers who taught students to achieve inspite of the environment, conditions of the facilities, the lack of curriculum but inspired, boys and girls to be the best that they could be.

We therefore dedicate this project to the lives and memories of those black educators who served in all-black schools before 1970.